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 ====== Meetings 会议 ====== ====== Meetings 会议 ======
-  * EGM 2013 [[minutes:​egmagm-2013-02-23:​agenda|Agenda]],​ [[minutes:​egmagm-2013-02-23:​minutes|Minutes in Chinese]]({{:​minutes:​egm2013_minutes_cn.pdf|pdf}}), [[minutes:​egmagm-2013-02-23:​minutes-en|Minutes in English]](pdf)+  * EGM 2013 [[minutes:​egmagm-2013-02-23:​agenda|Agenda]],​ [[minutes:​egmagm-2013-02-23:​minutes|Minutes in Chinese]], [[minutes:​egmagm-2013-02-23:​minutes-en|Minutes in English]]